Accordion Mini Books

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Accordion mini books are a great way to showcase multiple images in a compact book that is convenient to carry with you and they make excellent gifts.  Use as a ‘brag book’, stand it up as a display on your desk or a bookshelf, or even stick it to your refrigerator (yes, it’s magnetic).

The wallet (2 3/8″ x 3 3/8″) Accordion Mini Books have up to 14 customizable panels inside the book and the square (3″ x 3″) has up to 10 customizable panels inside the book.  Number of actual photos in the book may be less than the number of panels depending on photos chosen and whether they’re portrait or landscape orientation.

Custom Photo Cover: Two additional panels are available for each book and the photos selected for these panels will serve as the front and back covers.

Frosted Slip Cover: A frosted slip cover for each book is included to help protect the mini book while it’s in your purse, backpack, etc.

UV Coating is included which adds protection as well as a glossy, highly reflective finish.


$50 for a set of 3 identical accordion mini books and $14 each after the initial set of 3.

$60 for a set of 3 accordion mini books that can each be configured differently.

Ordering: Accordion Mini Books are ordered directly through Cute E’s Photography (contact me) and are not yet available to order through your online gallery.  I’ll layout the book for you and provide you with proofs to review prior to orders being finalized.