What You Need to Know



What to wear for your family pictures is the hardest part of your photo shoot.  You want to capture each person’s personality and still look good as a family.  A few things to think about before choosing what to wear:  (1) Will what we’re wearing look good in pictures hanging on our walls?  If you’re family photos will be hanging in your living room, you may to coordinate with that room’s decor.  (2) You are not hunters.  You do not need to camouflage yourselves with the surroundings.  If everyone is wearing the same color, you tend to look like a many-headed creature.  The beach is a very neutral place, so think color!  (3) Be coordinated, but not clashing.  No match-matchy.  Adding layers or jewelry are other ways to bring in pops of color.  (4) Choose at least 3 colors and then add in some neutral colors (i.e. gray, black, white, brown).  Everyone does not need all 3 colors, spread the color out.

Start with the person most difficult to clothe.  I generally start with the mom.  Choose an outfit that you love and is not too loud.  Then begin adding clothing choices for the other family members that look good with yours.  You can use more than two colors.    Search pinterest or fashion sites to find colors that look good together.  You can always ask a friend for a 2nd opinion!

What to avoid:  Clothing with writing.  Several different patterns together (i.e. stripes, plaid, polka dots).  Any clothing that distracts the eye from your faces.  If you have a baby in the picture, the person holding the baby will need to wear a different color that what the baby is wearing.


I recommend wearing makeup to cover up any shine or blemishes.  Apply a little more than usual to give definition to your features.  I do not recommend lip gloss or chap stick; I do recommend a little darker lip stick than usual so your lips stand out….especially for head shots.


For a standard senior session, bring one casual and one dressy outfit.  If you have a special interest (music, sports, animals, etc.), then you’ll need to bring those props and any attire that may go along with it.


For an engagement photo shoot, bring one casual and one dressy outfit if you’d like.  Don’t forget the engagement ring.


You may want to bring a couple of different outfits.  If you’ll be changing on the beach, you can wear a bikini under your clothes.  If you will be showing bare belly, do not wear any elastic that will leave marks on your belly.  I recommend a black tube top and matching bottoms.  Another alternative for a few bare belly shots is to lift and roll the top and roll down the bottoms.  Form fitting dresses or tops look nice to show off the belly.  Avoid baggy clothes.  You want to show off that baby bump!  Don’t forget to accessorize.  Please talk with me about any special items you’d like to include in the photo session.  Dads should coordinate with mom.


Try to keep the baby awake a few hours before the session.  Feed the baby right before coming to the session.  To get great sleeping poses, make sure they are full of milk.  Have the baby in loose diaper and loose clothing to avoid marks on their skin.  Baby will not need special clothing unless there is any with special meaning to you.  Birthday suit is recommended ;)  Please bring any blankets, booties, hats, or gifts with special meaning that you’d like to use in the pictures.  Some other items you may want to include:  wedding rings, dog tags, sports paraphernalia, uniforms or hats from mom dad (i.e. firefighter, police, military).  I have baskets, crates, and other items to also use in the pictures.  Your crocheted hat (included free with a newborn session) will be ready in time for the newborn photo session…..be sure you let me know what design would like for the hat at least 4 weeks before the due date so there is time to have it made.

This is a 2-3 hour session, you may want to bring a snack.  Bring extra clothes for you and baby…accidents do and will happen.  Bring extra diapers, wipes, and a pacifier.  If you will be doing a baby in your arms picture, be sure to bring or wear a black shirt.  The room will be warmer than normal for baby pictures, so dress accordingly.


I have a wide variety of props, chairs, couches, chalk boards, etc.  Please talk with me when scheduling the shoot regarding any preferences you have.