What You Need to Know for Your Maternity Session


You may want to bring a couple of different outfits.  If you’ll be changing on the beach, you can wear a bikini under your clothes.  If you will be showing bare belly, do not wear any elastic that will leave marks on your belly.  I recommend a black tube top and matching bottoms.  Another alternative for a few bare belly shots is to lift and roll the top and roll down the bottoms.  Form fitting dresses or tops look nice to show off the belly.  Avoid baggy clothes.  You want to show off that baby bump!  Don’t forget to accessorize.  Please talk with me about any special items you’d like to include in the photo session.  Dads should coordinate with mom.


I recommend wearing makeup to cover up any shine or blemishes.  Apply a little more than usual to give definition to your features.  I do not recommend lip gloss or chap stick; I do recommend a little darker lip stick than usual so your lips stand out.